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Site structure and SEO friendly template effect on site SEO it performs a major role and it's true search engine does not like flash websites.


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Also, I like to add some other points also in this post

(1) URL Optimization: Choose the SEO friendly URLs to all the pages of your website like website-seo.html not page-1.html or so.

(2) Alt Text for images: Choose the proper or valid title and alt text for all the images in your website.

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I'm planar for your article writings and contents fortunately.

Jensia Kj

What is the website design sidereel use?
I am trying to setup a website and need the add link functions that sidereel use. I cant work out what website design web design greenville sc they use, can anyone help?They won't have used a design template - they would have had an in-house designer produce the site for them.

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